Claribel and William

William came to Reach Therapy when he was 9 months old. At that time, he was not babbling, sitting independently, or transitioning as a typical child his age should. After several months of speech and physical therapy, William has made exceptional gains and has progressed with his ability to communicate his needs. He is able to make sounds such as “pah,” “bah,” and “mah.” He laughs and chatters when playing with toys or objects. He is now consistently signing for “milk” and “more” and “all done.” One of his new favorite skills is playing peek-a-boo with his mother, which is a huge social activity that helps them connect, and his mother has been so happy with his progress. Additionally, he is now able to pull to stand on furniture, stand with support and momentarily without support, and he is beginning to cruise along in his development. Although his mother is excited, she has to watch him around the house to make sure that he doesn’t get into too much trouble. William is such a joy to have in our clinic, and he brightens everyone’s day.