The Triplets

I would like to introduce you to Gavin, Ella, and Aidan.  Ella is holding PSA’s light because she is so excited that her brother, Aidan, on her right, is finally home. These triplets were born on March 16, 2016, at 24 weeks gestation. Their birth is a miracle. No IVF; just a lot of egg splitting.

While Gavin and Ella had a normal preemie hospital course, Aidan had challenges. Aidan suffered from perinatal intraventricular hemorrhage, chronic lung disease, subglottic stenosis, and vocal cord paralysis. Aidan has a trach and a GT.

These triplets are Mom and Dad’s only children. Mom, Dad, Ella, and Gavin knew Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without Aidan there. They all hoped for a miracle…and this is where PSA comes in.

Atlanta North received a referral for Aidan in early November. As the location began talking to Mom and Dad, they found out that the family’s dream was to be united for the holidays. The location made it their mission to bring home little Aidan and reunite the family. Despite living in a very difficult-to-staff area, they worked every angle to find just the right team.

On December 13, Ella and Gavin finally were reunited with their brother whom they hadn’t seen in three months. The whole family finally under one roof after 9 months.