Meet Cole. Cole is a 2½-year-old boy who was born at 35 weeks. PSA has been caring for Cole since he first went home from the hospital at 8 months of age. He has many medical diagnoses such as chronic respiratory issues. He is trach dependent, G-tube dependent with a history of reflux, and has non-defined congenital anomalies, arthrogryposis, and profound deafness. Through the continued support of his family and his in-home nurses, Cole continues to make great strides. He is nonverbal, but he speaks volumes with his smile and charming personality. Blowing kisses is his specialty, and he wins everyone over the minute they meet him. Cole is very bright, and he stays busy from the minute he wakes to the minute he goes to sleep, always playing and learning. PSA is proud to be a part of Cole’s life and his care.