Anastasia was born at 31 weeks along with her twin sister. Anastasia only weighed 950 grams at birth! She was airlifted to Lurie’s Children’s Hospital for treatment and to be united with her loving adoptive parents who reside there. Her twin sister was first to be discharged home from the hospital in July 2016. Due to Anastasia’s diagnosis of Trisomy 9, she remained hospitalized until November 14, 2016, which is the same day PSA received a call asking for help! Chicago South staff worked diligently trying to provide adequate nursing coverage for Anastasia’s parents who were already exhausted from caring for her sister. PSA met with this wonderful family on November 15, 2016, and began staffing the next day. Anastasia is holding a light to the world to say thank you to her wonderful parents, sister and family dog for choosing her to love.