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PSA Learning CenterPSA Healthcare knows that continuing education is the key to ongoing excellence in care giving. We recognize that having access to a complete medical resource is a great advantage for our PSA Healthcare Team. That’s why we created our Resource Center. One of those resources is Mosby – an industry-leading learning management system for nurses. Full of step-by-step techniques, best practices, medical treatments and all kinds of helpful information, it’s a trusted database that our caregivers can depend on every day.
If you’re selected to become part of the PSA Healthcare Team, you will be given access through the clickable Resource button, straight to our library of knowledge.

Scholarship Program for Employees

We know how important continuing education is to the nursing field. At PSA Healthcare, we encourage our employees to advance their skills. Whether that is an LPN to RN program, a CPR instructor training or a specific skill certificate class, we offer a scholarship to help cover the costs. Our competitive scholarship program is open to all PSA Healthcare employees for job-related education.

Educational Partnerships for Tuition Discounts

PSA believes in personal growth and professional development. We have teamed up with several colleges and universities to develop educational partnership programs. Our goal is to assist our employees to enhance their educational, professional and personal lives through higher education. The learning environment is designed to allow the working professional the convenience of online education with the affordability of reduced tuition rates. To learn more click on the links below.

Drexel University | Chamberlain School of Nursing | University of Phoenix | DeVry University/Keller Graduate School of Management | Walden University

Workday Access for Employees

PSA Healthcare utilizes Workday, a cloud-based software that integrates benefits, payroll, employee profiles and other important pieces of information in one easy-to-access place. Our employees are able to access this information and make changes anytime, from any device.

PSA Healthcare Nurse and Patient

If you have an emergency, please dial 911. If you have a question about your care or your loved one’s care, please call your location.

If you would like to ask a question about Compliance or to report a Compliance issue, 
please call our toll-free and confidential Compliance Helpline at 1-800-408-4442 or email: In the event of a local disaster/emergency (severe weather, flooding, industrial/chemical incidents, earthquakes), you may contact should you need assistance.

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