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If you are interested in PSA Healthcare’s many rewarding careers, watch the videos below about working at PSA Healthcare. Nurses talk about what it’s like working for PSA Healthcare. PSA is the leader in pediatric home healthcare services and also provides home healthcare services for adults, as well as day care centers, therapy, and rehabilitative services.

"My favorite thing about working with PSA is assisting and observing the milestones reached by our patients. These achievements, such as sitting without assistance or swallowing food for the first time without difficulty, are often taken for granted with a healthy child. For a little boy I recently cared for, his milestone was making noise banging on a drum. Then he followed that by putting his hands together for the first time and clapping a response. I will never forget the big smile he had on his face that day. It meant the world to me to be there at that moment."
-Bev, RN

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